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We Provide House Painters in the Winnipeg Area for Confident Renovations

With over 25 years’ experience completing large assignments for commercial and industrial clients, homeowners can rest easy knowing that Pro-Guard Painters has the tools, manpower, and work ethic to enhance the appearance of residential properties in short order. Whether you need help recoating a bunch of rooms, or you’re browsing for house painters in the Winnipeg area to refresh your home’s exterior, our crews are available around the clock for clean, cost-effective workmanship. We deliver great results!

Our residential services include:

Wallpaper removal
Wallpaper installation
Stucco coating
Stucco repairs
Wood straining
Interior and exterior painting
Drywall pairs
And more

Call for Residential Painting in Winnipeg

Not only will we complete the work in a timely matter, but we understand which products will serve your needs the best. Plus, our courteous on-site staff will always ensure your property is safeguarded against accidental damage. Give us a call for a free consultation. We’ll help you complete your project with confidence.


We have been Winnipeg’s go-to painters for a variety of projects throughout the years.

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